Summertime is Bar-B-Q time

Big shadows on the wall? That’s either a big lamp or the sun is shining. And yes, this morning it was the thing called ‘sun‘ that enlightened our living room and every other room and everything outside. Perfect weather. Lucky me, that I have a day off. Not totally off, need to get some things done.

Nonetheless, people are celebrating the appearance of the sun and the warm weather as if we did win the European Championship. Maybe we should do a parade, like in New Orleans. A big Second Line. Oh wait, I am watching too much Treme. What I wanted to say: people were pissed about the weather. Understandable but sometimes a bit annoying. Not many jokes out there that were actually good. Although I liked this one by Kai of Open Studio:

And summertime is the perfect time for Bar-B-Q. I am not talking about BBQ, there is no perfect time for a BBQ, it’s always perfect time for a BBQ. A while ago Kai, another Kai (who is blogging AGAIN), posted an incredible mixtape. And the first song after the intro is maybe one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. It gave me a smile after 5 seconds, made me wanna shake my hips and jump around. Pure enjoyment put into just a few hundred seconds. Good times.

And now, let’s get out there and enjoy this adventure in the sun.

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Summertime is Bar-B-Q time