There is a German saying: “Wer ‘so’ sagt ist noch lange nicht fertig.” – which means something like “The one who says ‘so’ is far from being done.” That’s why I call this post “So…”. Because I am far from being done blogging. Since my new job (not so new anymore, almost 1 year now), I am blogging less and less. Why? I don’t know. No good excuse. I have plenty of time to write some lines. In fact most of the stuff we are doing right now is writing, or not? Most of the work I do is writing. Emails, but also other things like concepts, papers, proposals, reports, tweets, facebook status updates and and… So why not adding some lines on thoughts? That’s what I want to do way more often now again. I am looking forward to it.

On the top of the page you can see an idea by Olly Moss. (Once again found by Mr. Kleske). For Olly it’s the difference between creatives and non-creatives. I think it’s more about the difference between people who do things and people who like to get inspired by things. The one who makes, the other one who takes. And in order to be fully satisfied you need to be the one who makes. And I definitely want to do more. More like the things I have done so far. This is not about my job, it’s about the things you do for yourself.

I just met Steffen and we were talking about doing what makes you happy. It was brilliant. Steffen does a lot of stuff. And what inspires me a lot is that he creates stuff. Things you can actually take in your hands, look at, be proud of and share.
I don’t know what I can do what I can create with my hands. But I can create moments, opportunities and bring people together. Create value, not only for me but especially for others. Like Tim O’Reilly says: “Create more value than you capture.” I have thoughts in my head – ideas – which I would like to realize. Not realizing ideas make you grumpy. I don’t like being grumpy.

First step: writing, blogging, get own thoughts out of the head into the world. This year I want to meet some people, get things done, maybe create some more events. If you are interested in meeting, get in contact.

I will be at the VOID next week. If you are there, give me a shout.

Oh and by the way, even though I did blog a lot less, it was an awesome year 2012. But you may have seen it on instagram, facebooktwitter, tumblr, svpply,, …

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