Fernweh [ˈfɛʁnˌveː] is one of these brilliant German words that puts so much into just few letters. It is the yen to see distant places, like “wanderlust” but much more intense. As you know I love travelling and I love inspiration. And of course also the combination of gathering inspiration to travel makes me spent hours in the web. Airbnb is one of my favorite sources. I like the idea of searching for places based on the location where you stay. It’s just the other way than searching for a city, country, or region and then looking for a place to stay – you will find different things.

This week I found this amazing place on Airbnb: The Ark in Șirnea, Rumania. An incredible place in the middle of nowhere (on the border of Transylvania). On top of a mountain with a perfect view.

“The space that will host you is one of the first to meet the sun every morning and its windows and porch offer you a majestic meeting with nature which, once you attend, you will always want repeating.
Everything a person needs and a lot of what a soul wants is now gathered in our Ark. We usually cruise the day on its board, but would like to extend the presence and offer you an invitation for joining us in an experience that is easy to love and hard to forget.
What you can do in Sirnea? Ultimately meet yourself and the nature, discover along with your friends and loved ones a unique place, go mountain hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, slay riding (in winter), skiing (in winter), having great evenings by the fire, go to local museum (excellent ethnographic reference), local old church, mingle with the locals in the village bar, etcetera. The list is as big as you will allow it to be.”

Just looking at the photos make me want to pack my bag, book a flight, get a car and let my soul rest. Incredible.

Thanks to the Internet it is easy to find a lot of incredible inspiration for travelling. Just let me mention a few:


My buddy Steffen just went to Vietnam for three weeks. I was following his trip over the whole time. I loved it. It was like travelling a little bit with him. He apparently had a great time. If you don’t speak German, try it with GoogleTranslate or otherwise just wander through the photos.

Visitors J

Steffen was also the one who introduced me to Visitors J. Two guys, Tim Bruns and Lars Riemenschneider, wandering through Japan and surrounding places. They take photos, beautiful photos. They report about their experiences on English and German. I am addicted to it. Check them out on flickr as well.

“The aim: Japan, Tokyo at the moment
We try to enjoy our six months (more or less) trip in Japan as much as possible without having real Japanese language skills, as we realised with regret. However, the vibe is good.
The device: To get along and survive a few months in Tokyo. The budget is limited, that’s why we need to earn some money soon. Finding a flat would also be nice. If we don’t get anything, the street will be our home.
At the beginning of the next year, at the latest, we want to travel around the country. Hopefully, we have gathered a lot of experience, money and some additional vocabulary till then. Or at last a tent. It’s a journey towards the uncertain with an unknown ending. Spontaneity and naivety are closely related to our characters and will be our steady companions.
The mission: Getting to know Japan, maybe more. We need the country and the country needs us.”

A Restless Transplant

Now imagine you quit your job, get yourself a VW van, and just drive. That’s exactly what Foster Huntington did. For more than a year he is already travelling through North and West America. I stumbled upon A Restless Transplant through Phillip T. Annand, apparently he and Foster are friends, they have been travelling together for a while. You should follow Foster via Instagram.

“I was born in Portland Oregon and grew up splitting time between the city proper and the Columbia River Gorge, 50 miles to the east. I attended the Catlin Gabel School in Portland Oregon and Colby College in Waterville Maine. After Graduating, I moved to New York to work as Concept Designer at Ralph Lauren. On August 5th 2011, I quit my job and hit the road.” Foster Huntington on facebook

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