Doing the Wichtel


I had an idea. It started all on Instagram and from there on something happened I couldn’t really imagine. I commented on a photo of @lastguest_hh that we should start a Secret Santa project with coffee. Third Wave Coffee, whole beans from a local producer/roaster. You give a package and therefore you receive a package. The idea is pretty easy. Maybe that’s why it spread like fire in the end. Tho Keller (@lastguest_hh) and André Krüger (@bosch) liked the idea. So we started it.

I created a simple little page: As you can see, it is based on tumblr: About (description), Participate (the form), Rules (necessary) and #thirdwavewichteln (for sharing). We shared it on instragram, facebook and twitter. From that time on it was a no-brainer. I thought if 20 people from different people from Germany would join, it would be a cool experience. BUT it got even better… shared it, Dear Coffee, I love you shared it, shared it. Many people on twitter, facebook and instragram shared it. Surprisingly many producers and rosters joined the project themselves. Even some world class baristas joined in the raffle. There were more than 360 participants from 25 countries: Australia, Italy, Portugal, Latvia, South Africa, Austria, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Singapore, Scotland, Denmark, Belgium, Mexico, Venezuela, Sweden, Finland, UK, The Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland and of course Germany.. We were overwhelmed.

The amazing things is that this whole project is based on trust andit was great to see that most of the times it worked out. Apprently there were some issues with the post offices or customs. But we will figure it out and think of a solution for the next Wichteln.

This project showed me that it’s all about realizing your crazy ideas: Just fucking do it. I have written several posts about this topic: Do Your Own Thing, So…, Me, Myself and I and Designing Life. But until you realize an idea you have in mind and it explodes like this thing, they are just words. It makes me more than happy that an idea can infect so many people. It conected a whole scene, experts like roasters, coffee shop owners, baristas and hobby coffee enthusiasts. We even heard of people who travelled to the coffee places from which they received the coffees. And people were making cuppings together with other participants of the Wichteln.

Until the next Wichteln we are exchanging ideas, recipes, suggestions or just thoughts in a Facebook group. So far there are 222 people in this group and it’s a lot of fun. We are currently planning the next Wichteln. Oh, and here is a Foursquare list with all participating coffee shops / roasters from the first round.

Thank you all for making this thing work.

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Doing the Wichtel