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Most of the time you listen to music and you just listen to it. It plays in the background, jumps from song to song and then you realize you listened to the whole album (or mix) when it’s over. And sometimes there is music,  you hear it and think “Damn, that’s good!”

I listen to a lot of music. Most of the time on Spotify (when it comes to new albums), SoundCloud (for discovering new stuff and for mixes) and just last week I rediscovered my GoogleMusic account. When GoogleMusic first popped up, I created a free account and uploaded all my music I had on my computer back then (17,390 songs). It comes in handy. I can listen to Spotify with my iPhone without spending my data plan. On my iPad I have 5GB for LTE, more than enough for SoundCloud and GoogleMusic (and for watching soccer on the train).

I also listen to music on records – vinyl – old school stuff. I buy records I really love listening to. Like Olafur Arnalds’ “And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness” or Woodkid’s “The Golden Age”.

Elvis Costello and The Roots

In the last months there were several albums that grabbed my serious attention. I start with the oldest one: Elvis Costello and The Roots’ “Wise Up Ghost” – an album that rocks. I found it’s first single via SoundCloud:

The record was running on my turntable for weeks. Loud. On repeat.



The second album I would like to share is a bit different. It’s Beck’s “Morning Phase“. You could listen to the complete album on NPR and after the first three songs I instantly ordered the record. It is a milestone. Six years after “Modern Guilt” finally a Beck album again. Beck is something like a personal hero for me – I listed to “Guero”  about a thousand times during my studies. But “Morning Phase” is outstanding. If it takes Beck Hansen so long to bring out such a magnificent album, I will wait again 6 years. Some say it’s too slow. But I like it that way. Blue Moon is just epic. It’s a song like Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes.

Yasiin Gaye

The third album was just released yesterday. It’s Yasiin Gaye: The Departure (Side One) by Amergio Gazaway. I constantly tweeted about this album the last two days, because it completely f**ked my mind – in a positive way. When I heard the song Ms. Fat Booty I was lost – it is just toooo gooood. Incredible. It just makes me wanna shake my legs, jump up from the chair and dance. Thank you Mr. Gazaway! And please, more of this!

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