Here We Are Again


So, after a long period of blogging abstinence I am giving it another try. I have been active online the whole time: twitter, tumblr (and tumblr II) and even started this whole Third Wave Wichteln thing. But somehow I really missed my blog. Writing about food, design, music, life and all that other stuff that arouses my attention. I admire Marcel, Martin, Steffen and Christoph – those who never really stopped.

I am looking forward to it. For a short time I was thinking about switching completely to food. It really grabbed my attention lately. And BETTER taste THAN sorry would fit perfectly but I decided against it. I would miss writing about all the other topics. And as I mention in the description of this blog since the day 1: the categories are and will not be limited.

The glorious Martin also helped me with the “relaunch”. I found this template and Martin arranged it to fit my wishes. Now it is completely responsive, clean, white, simple. All I wished for. I asked Ben, who recently launched, for a web.font recommendation. He suggested Karla – and I liked it. So now it’s running.

What do you think?

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Here We Are Again