MacBook Rebirth

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A few weeks ago the hard drive of my MacBook Pro said good bye. I think by now it is the 3rd hard drive that died. This time I ordered a SSD. All the people I know who has one, recommended it. And since I learned that besides the immense speed the durability of the hard drive is supposed to be much better, I am looking forward to it.

And now I decided that I will re-build my MacBook from scratch. I think I will keep all my files, like photos and music on external hard drives. Basically I need to because the SSD will just have space for 240GB. I will just focus on the most important files, like CV, invoices, my letter design, tax reports and stuff like that. But besides that what do I need? What kind of apps, tools, add-ons should I get?

Best video tool? Still VLC? Best browser? Chrome? Plugins?

Is Alfred still the best launcher/finder?

Some things are set, like Spotify, Dropbox, Skype, AirFoil. And Pocket! I just love it. Do you have any suggestions? Keep in mind that it would be cool if these tools work on iOS and Windows (work) as well. That’s why I like Pocket so much. And I still use Notesy, Dropbox and Notational Velocity (NVault) for my note keeping.

Is there a good easy way to synchronize videos from the MacBook some how automatically to an iPad? Like an automator script, where new videos in a certain folder are automatically synched? Any idea? And watched videos get deleted on my iPad? Still nothing, huh? Thanks in advance.

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  • cainvommars

    My personal Fav. list: Alfred, AppCleaner, BetterTouchTool, DiffPdf, DiskWave, f.lux, VLC, Sublime Text (editor), ImageOptim, Tower (gui for git), VirtualBox, Transmission (ftp file thingy), Handbrake (transforms every video into mp4)

  • Igor Schwarzmann

    To answer the most important question first: Yes, Alfred is still the best launcher. Especially since they relaunched and gave it the ability to have all kinds of plugins/workflows. It’s amazingly helpful. Here’s what I’m running.

    For writing, I’m using iA Writer with markdown. As a viewer, and partially as a editor, I’m using Marked. Marked also allows me to export my Markdown document as a PDF or HTML (to upload it to an FTP without using a service).

    For video / watching, I’m using Plex. But this is more than just a video player, it’s a way to manage your library, etc. Take a look, it’s amazing what one can get for free these days.

    Like as Thilo, I can highly recommend using Hazel. I just recently started with it, but it’s already irreplaceable for me. Automated all kinds of folders and document movements. Every time I download and .MP3 from Soundcloud to the download folder, it gets moved to the music folder. I have more complex stuff on it too. All company files are being automatically tagged, colored and partially automatically added to a specific Evernote notebook.

    Evernote in general is my information hub. Many documents end up in there. Bills, insurance documentation, real estate stuff. I think I might want to write up how my Evernote setup is working right now.

    I use Outbank for my banking stuff. Both my business as well as private checking accounts as well as the credit cards are being aggregated there. It’s nice to have a long history of transactions in there without having to rely on the online banking.

    For Calendar stuff, I use a combination of Fantastical for Mac (and iPhone) as well as Calendar for the big overview.

    Cobooks for address book management.

    Tunnelblick + Privateinternetaccess for VPN.

    A super useful small tool is PopClip.

    Still using Skitch, but mostly because I use Evernote and those sink up so nicely.

    I use Dropbox less and less. Mostly for apps that rely on it as a file system. Otherwise we at Third Wave switched to Bittorrent Sync. It requires a running machine to access the files, but otherwise it’s decentrilized, secure, private a free.

    Oh, and like Thilo as well I love Bartender. Keeps the menu bar clean and tidy.

    There is probably a lot more, but that should cover you for now. ;)

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MacBook Rebirth