Can you please stay forever!?


This post addressed to you, sun! This week we had a spring experience in Germany, in the second week of March! And it feels good. Since last Thursday we have you, the big yellow fire ball, guiding us through the days. And I just want to say thank you!

There are several effects I like about you. You can run around in sweaters or light jackets. Some are even wearing shorts and t-shirts, I think that’s a bit too much. Another result is that people spend more time outside, not only for walks or sports activities, but also for BBQs!

imageImage by Martin Wolf

But the greatest effect is what you do to our mood. You appear and people get a big smile on their faces. From grumpy cat to happy cat, even in Germany. People are friendlier, more relaxed and some how they even get their manners back – they say “thank you”, “please” and “you’re welcome”. Thank you for this!

And although the weather report says that you have to leave for the weekend, I hope to see you soon again!

Once again – thank you, you are great!
Your biggest fan

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  • Florian

    Yes, the sun puts a constant smile on my face as well :)

    Unfortunately, I have to interrupt for a short service announcement: Your font somehow seems to be broken. I’m using a PC running Windows 8 and the Chrome browser, and I always have to reload a page of your blog several times until any text is displayed.

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Can you please stay forever!?