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Many people sent me the link to this new food page called PornBurger.me. They sent it to me because I like burgers and that is right, but do I like this page? Not really, it is a different conception of food than I have in mind. I like my food basic, not to say simple. I like high quality ingredients and I am a huge fan of traditional meals like Spaghetti Bolognese, Chili Con Carne, Goulash, Chicken Soup, etc. Things that my grandmother used to cook or her mother and her mother. You get it. Meals with heritage. And I like a classic burger.


And I am getting more and more into it. I love this dish my grandmother used to make, it’s a thick beef stock with leek and handmade potato dumplings. On the next day you can cut the dumplings in slices and fry them in a pan, pour over the stock and enjoy it. Left overs are also insanely delicious, but more on this in another post.


This PornBurger thing is something different, they use the idea of a burger: slices of bread and put something in between. For me it’s more the concept of a sandwich. Remeber the post I wrote about sandwiches? Not this one, but this one. Here Mark Bittman perfectly described how to make a sandwich:

“It all starts with good bread, a commodity that’s easy enough to find. It continues with spreads, which need not be that out of the ordinary but should be seasoned assertively enough to not disappear. The “body” of the sandwich — which may be open-faced or not — is the key, of course, and it’s here that it pays to open the vault: not just tuna but anchovies, not just ham but prosciutto, not hamburger but beef tartar and so on.” (via nytimes.com)

Mr. Bittman would be happy. A sandwich…burger with fig catsup, duck confit, fried chicken hearts, chicken liver & pork pâté. Fancy but, well, not my kind of thing. But I also don’t like the word porn in combination with my food. I am sometimes obsessed with food or even “nerding” or “geeking”about things (like coffee). But I don’t want to get yummy stuff combined with words like perverts or obscene. But don’t get me wrong, I respect the work of PornBurger but it just doesn’t really inspire me. I think people share it because it deals with burgers but how many of these burger would you really eat. Maybe I am totally wrong and other people like it but like I said, I like my burger classic.


Sometimes I am happy with just basics, like fresh potatoes, salted butter and some high quality calves’ liverwurst.

That doesn’t mean I am not into experimental or new stuff. For example I am a huge fan of Bar Olio’s Tokyo Style Udon Iberico Miso Bolognese. But most of the time I like it classical.


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#foodporn ?