Plopp, plopp, plopp – Not In My House

WVLike Dikembe Mutombo always used to say “Not in my house” – that’s the motto of the brilliant mobile game Placescore. My dear friends Marcel, Martin, Florian and Philipp, who already created the beloved reading app, created this addictive game. Great job guys!

The idea is to play a similar game to the also addictive game Dots, but instead of just playing for points, you play for locations. It is connected with Foursquare and you can play against other people/players for the location. Sounds simple – it is, but that’s what makes it really fun. Just get the dots of the same color in one row (at least three) then you score. There some specials you get in the pro version for 89cents, like shaking the phone to mix the dots all up (once per game). The fun part is to brag about it on twitter or facebook and that’s the part where you can say something like Dikembe “Not in my house!“.

Enough said, now download the app in the iTunes store and plopp, plopp, plopp yourself some places.

(Marcel also wrote about how he built it in Sketch. Since I am a big user and fan of Foursquare, it would be a great feature to have the possibility to check into a place after I played of this location. So I just don’t need to open another app while playing Placescore.)

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Plopp, plopp, plopp – Not In My House