The Paper Kites


They were one of my favorite musical discoveries of 2013 – The Paper Kites. A band from Melbourne, Australia. it might be possible that you stumbled upon the video of their single “Young”. A fantastic song with a great video. More than 350 faces on 4000 photos in 3 minutes and 47 seconds.

Last year they brought out their album “States”. I listened to some of the songs via YouTube or SoundCloud, Unfortunately their not on Spotify yet and you can only buy their album on the US iTunes store (in the German iTunes store you can only find their EPs, which are also great).
I followed the band on Instagram to see where they are touring. I sometimes asked them if they are planning on publishing “States” on vinyl in comments under their photos. I would love that. But they didn’t respond yet. The Paper Kites’ music is fantastic – dreamy, slow, relaxed but crystal clear. It just sounds great and I can listen to their songs over and over again. Just yesterday they released their newest video “Tenenbaum”.

Like most of the bands I like I would love to see The Paper Kites at my favorite festival Haldern Pop. It would fit perfectly. Anyways, I hope that they will bring out a LP and make a tour through Europe. I would like to see them live.

Here is another great song which fits perfectly to the spring days we have this week:

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The Paper Kites