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threebunsI am deeply in love. You know I like burgers, music and especially something that is made with passion. A thought-through project with care for details. Something you see and you think: “Yes, that’s fucking cool.” That is exactly what I thought when I found Three Buns.

Three Buns is a burger joint from Jakarta and soon Singapore. Although I never tried any of their burgers and probably won’t try one for a while, I am stunned by everything I found about Three Buns so far. I stumbled upon Three Buns via Earn Chen on Instagram. I saw this photo and thought that this is a brilliant corporate identity.

I saw their photos on Instagram of the location (with graffitis of Bernhard Suryaningrat), the way they promote new burger varieties, present them in their restaurant and of course the burgers themselves. Just wow! Three Buns was created by the PPT Family, an impressive hospitality and entertainment group from Indonesia.


Their slogan is “Beats, Meats and Buns”. Why that? The head chef Adam Penney explains it in this short video portrait.

One more little detail: The subheadline “Food For The Neighbourhood.” Awesome, that’s what I love about good food places, they integrate into the neighbourhood. And in the press release it says that they want to be part of the local community:

“With extensive plans to support the local creative community in the music, art, design and fashion worlds the restaurant is determined to make a positive impact on its environment. This philosophy, the space’s unique design and what will quite simply are the best burgers in town means that Three Buns looks set to be a significant and notable addition to Jakarta’s diverse and thriving dining scene.”

The fact that they write “Food For The Neighbourhood.” underneath their logo, shows me they take care of a lot of details. Honestly, respect!

While we are also talking about Beats. Here is a great Old School Hip Hop song by String Theory. I posted it already on tumblr but it fits quite well to this post as well.

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Beats, Meats & Buns