Maybe the best sound system ever

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I was looking for a way to play music in our kitchen before we even got our new kitchen. I took a look at Bose, Sonos, some self-developed stuff with Arduino or a Raspberry Pi. In the end everything was ok but nothing really overwhelmed me.

Then, just a few days ago, I had an idea: what about a cool old Ghettoblaster? I had no idea how to connect it to my existing sound system which consists of Spotify and Soundcloud streaming (sometimes GoogleMusic for my own stuff) and an AirportExpress in the living room which is connected to my amplifier and the old speakers. And then I found this amazing good old Goldstar Metal Stereo Cassette Recorder on ebay. And in the description it says that it is possible to connect basically anything via cinch. “3,2, 1… meins.” is what we say in Germany. I auctioned this beautiful thing and it was delivered today. If I tell you the amount of money I paid for it you would go insane (because it was so little). Especially since it is in best shape, not even one scratch.

Now I connected it with an AirportExpress and I have the greatest sound system I could imagine. See for yourself:

And the best thing is, that I can put in some batteries, connect it directly to my iPhone via cinch and run around with it on my shoulder like LL Cool J. And it’s a good reason to record a cassette again.

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Maybe the best sound system ever