Kitchen Guerilla’s Wurstgalerie


Last weekend my dear friends of Kitchen Guerilla finally had their first public event in my home town – Düsseldorf. And a pretty great one: beer and sausage – a delicious and perfectly fitting combination. It was called Wurstgalerie – translated “sausage gallery” – and was sponsored by Pilsner Urquell.


As you can imagine they served … beer and … sausages. The beer was of course brought by Pilsner Urquell. And the sausages were on the one hand a selection from various sources. They were exhibited around the dining tables and we were asked to cut off as much as we want. And we did. On the other hand the fresh bratwurst was made by Peter Inhoven, a local butcher in third generation, who is famous for his different bratwurst selection.






During the event the brewer explained different styles of beers they offer in the Czech Republic: one with a less CO2, one with a lot of CO2 and one with just foam. The beers also differed in the way they pour in the beer – at first liquid and then foam and the other way around. But I can’t remember which was which, since we tried a lot o f beer. But it was fantastic to see and taste that the amount of CO2 really makes the beer taste different. I thought since I am German and I drink beer my whole life I knew a lot (I even made a beer diploma once during a brewery visit) BUT there is still a lot to learn about the “hop cold spritzer” or “Hopfenkaltschorle” how we use to call beer in Germany as well.

Later they also tapped a few barrels of unfiltered Pilsner, which was delicious. Usually they only offer it in the brewery in Plzeň. But I was thankful that we were able to taste it.



Kitchen Guerilla did an amazing job once again. They offered a 4 course menu which was well-stocked with different sausage styles.

1. Oruk – a turkish kind of falafel with different vegetables, herbs and goat cheese

2. Blood sausage ravioli – with sage butter and Parmesan

3. Different kinds of Sausages by Peter Inhoven (some were freshly minced during the event)

4. Mascarpone ginger crêpes with orange filets and warm chocolate sauce

Guys, I hope to see you more often in Düsseldorf!







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Kitchen Guerilla’s Wurstgalerie