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about-featured-big My by far most favorite resource for culinaries on the Internet, Life & Thyme, is starting a Kickstarter campaign for a printed magazine. And you should all contribute.


I have to thank Antonio Diaz. He created something that I am addicted to and can’t get enough of. His project Life & Thyme is truly inspiring. Every time I look at their website I spend hours reading or watching films about producers, restaurants, foodies, coffee places and much more. Every story is presented in a highly creative way. Let it be photos, videos, interviews or just plain texts. One of my favorite stories is: Welcome Home, The Tale of St. Balmain. If I ever would open a restaurant, it would be exactly like this. Kane Keatinge just gets it. And Jaime Valdovino tells his story in a beautiful way.

This is just one example, there are many more. And I am looking forward to hold the magazine in my hands to browse through these stories.



So, go to Kickstarter and support Antonio and his team, I want that magazine!

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