Nature Camping


A few weeks ago I had the urge to “get outside”. So, I planned a little camping trip on my own. I used to go camping quite often, usually with friends. Most of the times we would go to the Dutch beaches for some extensive “bro time“. All we basically did was drinking beer, BBQ and playing boccia along the Dutch beaches. Another time a friend and I did a road trip through Germany, Denmark and a tiny bit of Sweden. When we arrived on the north-eastern German island Rügen, we stayed at a nature campsite. Since wild camping is not allowed in Germany, it was the closest thing you can get to nature. I liked it.

This time Google helped me to find a nature campsite right between a forest and the water. It was a 2 hour car drive from Düsseldorf. One Friday afternoon, I took a rental car, packed my Heimplanet Cave and some other stuff and just took off. It was great. When I arrived, I set up my tent and explored the campsite. It was not that big but since the weather was not supposed to be the best, it was just me and 3 couples who spent the weekend at the Weser.


Then it was time to go on a hunt for food. The campsite owner suggested a little farmer’s shop in the next village. The place was a perfect idyl. When I arrived at the patio, chickens were running away from the car. The place was magical: animals everywhere, a creek was running through the farm, a water mill was running and as soon as I entered the shop, I knew I was at the right place. Everything they sold was produced at this farm in traditional manner (without any additives): the bread, the butter, the eggs, the vegetables, the ham, sausages, some schnaps… I got some bread, sausages, vegetables and butter for some bbq at night and some ham and eggs for the breakfast. As I anticipated it was impossible to taste bad.


Back at the campsite I took a swim in the Weser, started the fire, had some sausages, and spent hours next to the camp fire I started within the grill.

And over the weekend, I took some photos with my analog camera. It was fun. But back home, getting the pictures from the film was a pain in the ass. I just wanted the digital photos, but it was impossible, I had to get prints as well.

In the future I will repeat camping trips more often, maybe on a regular basis. It is great to spend some time on your own, without any particular plans.


















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Nature Camping