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Sasha Frere-Jones, a music critic from the New Yorker, started something really cool. For weeks he tweeted songs with a picture of the record cover and the hashtag #perfectrecordings. People were wondering what this was about. Then he created collections of these tweets (the first time I realized collections on twitter). The result was a list of 5 amazing playlists with each 40 songs, totally mixed. From Run DMC and the Pet Shop Boys over Motörhead to Fiona Apple. These playlists are now also on Spotify.


Here is a short statement of Sasha from the Guardian, where he also tells anecdotes to a bunch of songs:

“There’s a play between the personal and the general here,” he says. “There were a few rules [to making my selection]. It had to be something that I played a lot and was a part of my life. Ideally it was a record that I got when it came out, and I saw its impact. Also, it has to be a song that is always better than your memory of the song. It’s all very idiosyncratic.” (via theguardian.com)

Here is one playlist:

Here are links to all 5 playlists:

Now people are tweeting their #perfectrecordings and create playlists on Spotify and share the love for music. (You could also imagine that this whole thing was a brilliant marketing campaign from Spotify, but I couldn’t find anything about it.)

Love Is A Mixtape

The idea directly reminded me of the book I just read: Love Is A Mixtape by Rob Sheffield, another American music journalist. The book is basically divided in different chapters and every chapter is about one mixtape and its meaning to Rob Sheffield. A very personal and emotional – sometimes sad, sometimes funny – book. The mixtapes are sometimes also quite “mixed”. I created a few playlists on Spotify for the first chapters. You need to search for “Rob Sheffield” and you will find the playlists/mixtapes.


If you are a music lover, you need to read this book. And now you can enjoy the corresponding mixtapes on Spotify to get an idea what Rob Sheffield is writing about.

Fine Tunes

I created a little playlist myself a few weeks ago (also very well mixed). I could also tag it with #perfectrecordings or even write a book chapter about these songs because they have a special meaning to me. Maybe you enjoy it:

It feels good to have mixtapes back in my life, now they are just digital but the process to select music and combining is still the same.

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