The aesthetics of coffee making

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This morning I brewed another cup of coffee. The sun was shining through the window onto the white kitchen counter and onto my coffee equipment. Today I was using my Chemex. And then I just realized how much I love the whole thing about making coffee.

If you think about it, it’s quite simple. Two ingredients: coffee beans and water – but at the same time it can get really complex with these two things. Without even taking the brewing into consideration, there are so many different aspects that play a role and have it’s own affect on your cup of coffee. The origin, soil, roast, storage, shipping of the coffee bean. The quality of water: pH-value, minerals, hardness (which is affected by the minerals…). I don’t want to explain all aspects. I am sure I can’t even if I want to. It’s science. Then there is the brewing; temperature of the water, the coarse adjustment of your grinding, the filters, the time of brewing, the pressure of the brewing, … Again many aspects that have an affect of your cup of coffee.

But nonetheless, if you just take these two ingredients and combine them in your preferred way, you can create something delicious and at the same time something really beautiful. It’s actually hard to mess up, but at the same time hard to perfect.

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Brewing a cup of coffee is craft. It is basically the craft of cooking in a concentrated form. All in all it takes 3 to 10 minutes to create a cup of coffee by hand. Measuring the amount beans, heating the water, grinding the beans by hand, measuring the water temperature, taking the time, measuring the amount of water… waiting the 45 seconds of blooming before you add more water… It is a very peaceful routine. You can’t do it in a hurry, it takes its time.

And then you sit down and enjoy what you just created with your hands…

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  • Igor

    Back in the day, when I was still blogging, I wrote this about coffee. – – Thanks for reminding me. Funny thing is, I’m changing my routine now a bit. I used to do the ritual right in the morning, before work. With a baby and a puppy at home, that’s not quite possible. Alas, at the office, I can still find the time to geek out. :)

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The aesthetics of coffee making