The Vamp

Today I finally received the Vamp. The Vamp is a bluetooth sound receiver which you can connect to a conventional speaker just via speaker wire. The amazing thing is that it doesn’t need any additional amplifier or electricity.

The Vamp runs with battery and you can charge it via USB (cable enclosed). You can connect the Vamp with your preferred sound source (phone, tablet, mp3 player, laptop, etc.) via bluetooth or with the accompanying 3.5 audio wire. 

Here is a video that shows the simplicity and the volume:

The setup is super easy. I turned the Vamp on, connected it via bluetooth to my iPad, connected the Vamp via a speaker wire to my speaker. Then I played some Occupanther (thanks for the recommendation Flo!) via Spotify. My jaw dropped as soon as I turned up the volume. It gets really loud and the sound is really ok for a mono speaker system that is not even the size of a tennis ball. I didn’t test the life of the battery yet.

I am overwhelmed by the simplicity and the outcome. Especially for £35. And you can basically hook it up to any kind of speaker.

Apparently you can still buy the Vamp at the Paul Cocksedge Shop. The Paul Cocksedge Studio is the design studio from London that developed the Vamp. Nice work!




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The Vamp