There are two guys in L.A. right now, who are trying to revolutionize the food industry: Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson. Roy Choi is a chef and the mastermind behind a collection of outstanding restaurants and food trucks in L.A. (Kogi BBQ, 3 Worlds Café, Alibi Room, Sunny Spot, A-Frame and Chego). I wrote about Roy Choi before, he gave me this amazing Korean BBQ recipe.

Daniel Patterson – also chef, opened restaurants all along the West Coast: Coi and Il Cane Rosso in SF, Plum and Haven in Oakland and is contributor to New York Times Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine, and San Francisco Magazine.

Both influenced the culinary landscape of California and the West Coast a lot. And now they will do it again, with Loco’l.



At the international food event, MAD – organized by René Redzepi, Alex Atala and David Chang, in Copenhagen last year, Roy and Daniel presented their idea of a Loco’l: “a fast food restaurant using real ingredients.”

Loco’l is a team of innovative chefs.
Loco’l is locally sourced.
Loco’l is using quality ingredients.
Loco’l is providing fair wages.
Loco’l is leveraging state of the art technology.
Loco’l is community based.
Loco’l is crazy.

With the help of their knowledge, their experience, their connections to the best chefs in the world and with a lot of science and with the help of YOU, they want to make loco’l reality.

They started a campaign on IndieGoGO, which I already supported. I could’t spend $5,000 to hang out with Roy Choi in L.A. to eat tacos and drink beer (although I really really wanted to), BUT I gave what I can, because I want to see them succeed.

Now head over to IndieGoGo and support Roy and Daniel!

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