About Me

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My name is Markus Reuter but you can call me @roitsch. You can find me on twitter, instagram, last.fmtumblr, foursquare, soundcloud and svpply.

I am a 32-year old guy from Düsseldorf, Germany. Within the last years I was living in several cities like Regensburg, Hamburg, Lund (Sweden) and New York City. I am currently back again living in my home town Düsseldorf, and I am working for the Design Team of Deutsche Telekom in Bonn. My focus is networking and communicating for the team.

Before that I was Project Manager for an agency for digital brand communication –
elbdudler – based in Hamburg. I was the first employee December 2009 and helped building up the agency to 30 employees when I left December 2011. I worked on projects with Heimplanet (website, blog, packaging, project Cave Away 2011), Bacardi (iPhone App) and several other clients.

I studied Educational Science with the focus on learning with digital media and developing up-to-date learning scenarios (with ICT) at the University of Regensburg, at the University of Hamburg and at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

My blog

BETTER taste THAN sorry shall be a source of inspiration. Basically I write about anything that inspires me. This could be a project, events, infographics, street art, audiovisuals or any other thing. The categories are and will not be limited, as long as they are created in a reflective and creative way.

This blog is addressed to anybody, who has similar interests. That means, who likes to be infected by good ideas and is seeking for inspiration. I hope I can arouse your interest, point out to interesting things, and inspire you.


I am always interested in realizing projects and ideas, like the ones mentioned here.