I am always interested in realizing projects and ideas, like the ones mentioned below. My passions are design, food, people, and the interdependency of society and technology, especially the bridge between analog and digital. I love to create ideas and share them with others, in order to make these ideas reality. If you have an idea, a question, want some feedback or help, get in contact.


Third Wave Wichteln



Third Wave Wichteln – It all started with a comment on Instagram: “How about exchanging some coffee?” That was the first step. And then we just did it.

Wichteln is the German word for the Christmas game Secret Santa. In times of the Internets we don’t have a bowl or hat, where we put our names in – we do the Wichteln digitally. Therefore we created this page. And then we bring it back to the analog world: the exchange. The theme is coffee. Filter coffee. Good coffee. Special coffee. Third Wave coffee. Thereby we want to support small producers and roasters that love coffee as much as we do.

In December 2013 we set up a website – a simple Google form to participate and a tumblr with all basic information. Then, we shared it on instagram, facebook and twitter. From that time on it was a no-brainer. We thought if 20 different people from Germany would join the Wichteln, it would be a cool experience. BUT it got even better… shared it, Dear Coffee, I love you shared it. Many people on twitter, facebook and instagram shared it. Surprisingly, many producers, rosters and world class baristas, like Kalle Freese and James Hoffmann joined the project themselves. There were more than 360 participants from 25 countries. We were overwhelmed.


BETTER burger THAN fastfood


Together with my friends Open Studio, we hosted a burger cooking class and BBQ party. It was part of the global event Food Revolution Day, initiated by the Jamie Oliver Foundation and Gidsy. In slowfood manner we made every single part of the burger by ourselves: the buns, the ketchup, the mayonnaise and – most importantly – the patties. We even ground the beef with our own hands. And we only used regional and organic ingredients. Our thought: when you sin, you should do it least with respect – to yourself and to food. Find awesome photos of the event at Teymur’s blog.

Kitchen Guerilla

Kitchen Guerilla – Since I attended my first event in March 2010 (find my review here), I help out my Guerilla friends from Hamburg every now and then. The idea is just too good. Bring people together around a big table, put on some nice tunes, serve good food, good wine and an awesome night is guaranteed.

“We are a mobile kitchen unit. We hijack restaurants, sailing ships, country guesthouses, construction sites, cabooses and other extra-ordinary locations from Hamburg over Istanbul to Paris. We offer culinary delights combined with none-everyday life atmosphere. In line with our slogan ‘IN FOOD WE TRUST’ we provide our guests an unparalleled transparency around our food. Our aim is to rediscover the cultural origin of cooking and move it back into the centre of social life.”

Good School Blogger

The Good School is a school for new communication in Hamburg, initiated by Simone Ashoff. Students are agencies, companies and freelancers, who want to learn knowledge, skills and inspiration in new media and innovative marketing. I was supporting Simone Ashoff and her team by accompanying the classes digitally. With the help of the blog, the students we able to collect the information sustainably and get some deeper insights into the topics.

Tidenhub 2011

Tidenhub2011 – initially the project started as the Global Ignite Event. But for several reasons we decided to do our own thing.

“At the event people show short presentations about things they love. Projects, which are more than just a hobby. Passion, ambition, attitude, emotions, love – these are words, which describe it pretty well. Within 6 minutes and 40 seconds people “ignite” the crowd with their ambition towards their car, their blog, their city or anything else their hearts are beating for.”

You can find all talks here.

Cognitive Cities Conference

On 26-27 February 2011 the Cognitive Cities Conference took place in Berlin, Germany. CoCities was a two-day event: Day 1 was a full-on conference, Day 2 was dedicated to exploring the city through workshops, guided tours and exhibitions (free entry). I co-organized the event with Third Wave BerlinYour Neighbours, and friends. I was responsible for acquiring sponsors and media partners through networking.

“We are at a point in time where the paths are set for the future of cities. The Cognitive Cities Conference (#CoCities) aims to bring the vibrant global conversation about the future of cities to Germany. We see CoCities as a platform for exchange and mutual inspiration. We invite urban planners, designers, technology geeks, environmental experts, public officials, urban gardening enthusiasts and cultural influencers to be part of the conversation. We can only make our cities more livable if we work together to improve them.”

More to come…

If you have some interesting projects or ideas you want to share, please get in contact.